Tuesday, May 31, 2005

First Jasmine Series - Written for Insight

First Jasmine Series of Poems
Beginning April 24, 1999

When Laughter Fades

When laughter fades and thoughts return
to find their threads worn thin with time
When emotions that you knew had cooled, burn
and shatter, flame and splatter, but find designs.

When the laughter fades and cools
idles thought, returns to touch
The stagnant, unconsidered pools
of things that hurt too very much

There, in that unlikely place,
dump of fears, vestigial waste
In the place where you most hate to go
are all the things that make you so.

Laughter coils, removes and takes
redeems our smugness, builds us brakes
To hold off thoughts that wiggle in
born from places deep within.

Laughter heals, and also wounds
laughter palls and calls and soon
You will find laughter at its best
when slivered truth lets you digest

The unarmored ripples that remind
each of us of human binds
That don't refuse, excuse, degrade
others who with us share this shade.

When laughter fades we see and know
The directions that we need to go.

Clinton's Dog
What kind of Love wags Clinton's Dog?
That kills and maims with bombs and bluster?
What kind of tempered thoughts revoke
the sanity we once could muster?

His needs.

He needs to reposition, prove,
that he is really president
no lusting, lurking, mindless void
but a man with morals resident

He needs.

To remake the flaccid soul within
to something less debased with greeds.
To create a mirrored image, friend
that frees him from what's there to see.

He needs.

He needed women, needed power
Needed, needed every hour
Needed discourse which could show
His life had worth, design and goals.

His needs, now cancerous, still must grow

He needs to remake the world's own stage
Into a place where battles wage
Where he may become a human soul
With noble bents and worthy goals

His needs, he needs and so he feeds
As it was, on women, lies
Now he feeds on human lives

The right of free expression revoked
Because these people cannot vote

All rights invalid at his pleasure
His whim the only given measure.

He feeds his needs with children's dreams
And cannot see what actions mean.

It's up to us to stop this war
with minds that say, No, never more.

Never more use Nations might
To kill and maim, turn day to night
Never more shall children die
And never know the reason why.

Never more, the blood and killing
Never more, shall we will willing
Never more, I say to you.
The people don't belong to you.

Hendry's Beach to Neverbe

My steps went North along the beach,
the silvered sand remanded thought
Removed the sought and stilled the breech
reproved my anguish, quenched my drought

The sand rushed in on wave-made coils
the wind consumed the distant sounds
as I watched and tasted, revised and roiled
reflected inner place unbound.

I walked North along the beach,
straining eyes that I might see
The promised land of Neverbe
a non-existent entity.

But eyes can see through mind wrought will
things that never, never come to be.
Such saw I, remaking truth, to wish fulfill
Southward coming, too faint to see

I saw and heard, believed and hoped
designed a meeting, strained with need
All my thoughts there telescoped
wishes warmed, conspired, greeds.

I walked North along the beach
Hendry's Beach, backed onto cliffs
I saw the rocks, lent breath to grief
and knew that I was still bereft.

Neverbe, a place of myth, where lovers meet,
requite and touch, fingers brush in lingered proof
A place unmade defies defeat
where love unsaid is yet enough

Neverbe, where I walk North and he walks South
Where Lovers meet with unsaid vows.

Fear and Pain that Still Detain
(Dedicated with complete sincerity to A. Craig Franklin,
my husband and abuser)
Battered hopes and shattered truth
Begun with trust removed with lies
This the wretchedness of my youth
Distorts my life, unmakes, denies.

Abused, a word that understates
The harshness of the world it makes
Abused in mind, in body bashed
reproved by love that kills - but lasts.

He came with smiles, seduced with faith
designed the ugliness of fear.
An interdiction for all belief
that shackled self when he was near


Used, rejected, scorned, detained
denied the scope that life retains;
Needed, sold to use again
a life that grows more ever grim.


Battering on body, mind,
that fractures thought, my will and signs;
Remakes the person who was me
into something that I hate to see.


If you have not walked and known,
not tasted fear and so been owned;
You do know where I have been
a place that holds no hopes or friends.

You have not lost the inner scope
that held your course and gave you hope.
You have not lived and breathed and died
in soul belief he would not lie.

Abused and Freed

When grief is wrung, despised and gone
while still the spirit listens, longs;
To hear the echoes that belong
to the voice that held that song.

When I learned to see anew
that life could be again renewed-
And shackles that had owned my bones
were broken by the life I'd grown.

My breath was eased, in body, mind
The walls were breeched, dissolved in time.
I tasted, relished, lived and laughed
Freed of what distorted and grasped.


Manumission of emotion
that can never compromise
The transmission which, evoking,
fractured self to make me wise.

The flow of moments

The flow of moments can't remove
The source of pain that still reproves
We act in hopes we know what's best
Putting life and thought to test

Our beliefs, built on shifting sand
of thoughts denies the truth and bans
the hope that we might come to see
the ancient source of destiny

The moments flow reminds and brings
the ravaged scenes that fear and wring
our souls to stand on shattered edge
the precipice that Time alleged

We come as children, live and die
Knowing just the soulless lies
That harbor, steal and maim our hearts
With never promised, unformed doubts

When knowing, truth is bare to see
To souls that breathe Earth's destiny
The signs and learning, all are here
Speaking to us through our tears.

And still we linger, willed with dread
Because its here our fears have lead.

To Save Mankind

We cannot change the leaders, they're lost in dreams of power
We cannot change or rearrange our history's sullen hours
We cannot use their self same tools without becoming them
We cannot do
and we cannot
retreat without amend.

The nots are many, often tried, marches, starving, asking why?
Begging that the war should end, refusing service, money, men.

All these means we have employed, to end the tide of unjust wars
Now we need another way, to bind the wounds that rend and slay
We need to take back all the power
Every second, minute, hour.

Because we are not property
We are free to live our destinies.
The vagrant might of those who rule
Must be challenged, changed, denied
Each of us had been a tool
Each of us, ourselves, has lied

If we say that we cannot
If we give in, relinquish what is sought
If we excuse because we need
Savage others with our greeds

If we do not live the dream
That misted glimpse of what life means
Do not find the place within
That all dreams and shadows own as kin
If we do not, give not, comply
Need we ask the reason why
The core, our essence had to die?

A world that shimmers, lives and breathes
A world united in One Dream
One living, mind-spun long beginning
Isn't that a thing worth winning?

Tempestuous and untried hearts
That doubt your power, please own and start
Become the living will sublime
And in this way become divine.

Layerings of Truth

We find the truth in layered sheaths,
woven unexpected turnings
That lend our minds to find relief
in sudden light and time made yearnings

The truth can stalk our worried lives
lending to our echoed course
Patinaed blendings, surprised disguise
to rave and sunder all discourse

The truth, that sought and fearsome jewel
releases what we fear to know
Unsuspected twists, designs most cruel
show our spirits what is so.

Always sought, and rarely found
the Truth gives way to what we wish
Although its resonance abounds
leaving hollowed places we dismiss

The Truth, a thing that cannot lie
Gives light to those who'd rather die.

When Shadows Speak

The lengthened voice of shadowed thoughts,
bemused by all that time divines
Slings hours grace, beguilded child,
into the searing wedge of doom
Designing mentions of intentions,
discoursive blandishments rebound
Into the wastes of silent hastes,
divorced from what is seen and found

The idylled hopes of flaccid minds
removes from all its tendriled lines
Reprising what is devoid of thought
the wizened void that tarried, caught
Within the monument of Place
with Light, elector, detained with Grace
So that within the harbored realm
lives summoned mentions overwhelmed

This, the fractured place in time
Wherein we dwell wrapped up in Mind.

The Fund
Timid and protected by the fences, walls and moats
His life is undelected, preselected and remote
Unable to connect with the woman half of Man
He's an also run for power that gives in to their demands
Unenabled and unstable in the wordward side of mind
He remembers, burning embers, of a place that once was kind

On the nether side of Jersey he elects to live his life
Divorced from pain and sorrows that still edge him in with strife
Writing, writing, tapping, tapped, this the life that takes and grasps
Talking, speaking, giggled thoughts, still unbelieving, savaged droughts
For connecting to the life's blood of the place within the heart
Takes courage unpossessed by one whose life is yet to start.

Anger Slowly Brewing
I'm coming to the edge of boil,
finally seeing all the coils
wrought by those who used my dreams to feed
all their appetites and greeds
With open hearted empty head
I gave and gave until I bled
I worked and sweated, created, taught
astonishing heights I paved and wrought
Poems written, lit their lives
hopes unrequited, burnished, died
Scenes electric and surreal
told them each my love was real
But giving as a voiceless void
is not a woman's just reward
I needed to get something back
the thing the suckers, each had lacked
I needed to be visible and held
in honored love, the cusp that melds
One and one into a whole
that leaves no doubt where values show
A sad return for what I gave
but lesson learned is now time saved.

The Breath of Time
From simple ambulated needs,
cored in just the will to breed
To subtle nuanced thought borne coils
which give a species well edged foils
To carry on the mindward voyage
that evoluted cunning deploys
Threads of thought that do not end
light made minds that curl and bend
Retreat, attack, and dance the steps
that lend their brains to timeborn treks

Threads of passion, woven, greeds
and in that tapestried world we grieve
Sundered from the conscious One
intellect fills breeches, lungs
Sends natal cry of solitude
where nothing else may dare intrude
for countless hours, years and lives
the lonely journey rebeats and thrives
Building up the inner paths
that each sustains, retains and grasps
That in that distant place of time
a reconnection will be designed
And each, patinaed, time tempered soul
will intersect with all its goals
Becoming thus the One, and Whole.

One Dance
The evening filled with chattered wit
and elegancies that salved and fit
The occasion, was I have forgot
but hundreds came, remained and talked
Candles glowed, and nappiery hung
the colors soothed and smoothed and sung
Of minds that noticed all details
not hidden behind tomorrows veil.
But I was there, I don't know why
but there I loitered, smiled, sighed
My gown the deepest, richest red
clinging, long, of silk that spread
and coddled, tendered, glazed
the skin on which it scarcely laid.
I knew you were invited hence
but so was I, delighted wench
I danced with this acquaintance, that
not knowing quite what to expect.
I saw you talking, knew at once
and you saw me, reacted, jumped.
I just smiled and moved away
I didn't know exactly what to say.
You found me and spoke my name
I was trembling then, devoid of games
You took my hand, kissed and held
and led me toward the music's sward
My breath came quicker, as we touched
your lack of words said just as much.
You pulled me close, I sighed again.
My heart a hammer, and you grinned.
We really had nothing left to say
Eyes that spoke forgave delays

Just one dance, we parted then
fingers clinging to the end.

Just one dance, eternal touch
One dance to say so very much.

Elven Moments Love May Prove

I laid the clues with complex foils
Involving much of mind borne toil
I hired, quizzed, devised and found
Ways to make her heart astound.
All for love, and gladly done
All for love that's just begun.

All for love that flickers, makes
My heart the captive of strange fate
While all my thoughts surge, elate.
Our future sealed, without debate.

I've yearned to find one such as her
One with elven, giggled turns
A woman who can reprise and think
And command my thoughts with one sure wink.

I can't belief I've found at last
A passion that can hold me fast
I can't believe we resonate
In sure divined elected fate

I can't believe that it is true
But it is, and raptures prove
That sure delection of love's cost
Is sweeter when it can't be lost.

Can Words Selected, Sorted , Sate?

The fulsome flood of worded thoughts,
bemuses mind defines the shots
That echoing, refuse to cease,
their resonance, recused and brief

They come as cadenced, inner truths
that unsolicited bring rebuke
For all the harbored, undone deeds
that still remain sustained by need.

Words, the outward mind bent veil
that inner knowing chiseled, frail
Indeed, this cognite, finite tool
can undo the inertial bindings rules.

For words, the only weapon here
can work, if I just lose my fear.
For I am afraid, in dark bound night
of those preselected acknowledged sights

That only words, select and right
can turn back to never sight.
A scarce begun yet now known work
that, having means I cannot shirk.

Speak Not Truth

What unsaid passions, inward sate,
the fooled rhythm that course and make
The verdant, lillied, inseeing eyes
born with questions become wise?

What timed, and chorded rippled hymn
reminds our kind to live and then
Removes the memoried, edge long threads
that recorded each thing we ever said?

Who or what, the questions glance
by defining losing each sered chance
To understand, encompass, own
the truths thus promised, and unknown

The wise who speak in silvered runes
and speak, divining, signing, truths
If truly wise must understand
that speaking truth remands the strands

So speak with actions, learn with hands
That times infractions,
unspoken sanctions,
might not command.

When Love Will Not Die

When bindings prove against the tides
of anger, fear, and will not die
When bindings forged in cybered space
engage our thoughts, remind, deface

The futured worlds that thus are lost
Tell me, how shall I count the cost?
When furtive passions, given, owned
remand my soul to grieve alone

And covert yearnings, echoed needs
exact a toll that stills all creeds
Tell me how I end their hold
bindings that take, remake, and mold?

To ease my heart, remembered smiles
languid raptures that beguiled
While echoes of the ruptured Not
remind my spirit, so distraught

I grieve the loss of Neverbe
The loss of what I'll never see.

The Shores of Time

Oceanic thoughts that harbor, loom,
encompassing all of life's first womb
Remember shards of time worn dreams
that, abandoned still stretch our seams

Remanded into wakeful nights
born in shadows, lost in light
Still abide the wind ward waves
that bear the print that steals and saves

A print of cyclic, mind touched means
that partially known is still unseen
A part, not whole is what we find
scored by body, soul and mind

The shores of time that rivet thought
subsumed within divided Nots
The matrixed coming into being
of land locked hopes and things unseen

Ocean, deeply laid and scarsely known
Ocean, first cradle, womb and home
Ocean, filled with life in light embrace
Ocean, forgive this, our disgrace

When Thought Runs Dry

When lilac visioned lights run thin
and echo shadows velvet gloss
Our hands remake, disjoint times twin
and touch the moment of our loss

The Jasmined curls of spring warmed thought
designed to temper, doubt and breed
In kind begin again their drought
denying depth and tone to destiny

Sweet ages spent in rapture, twined
so languishing and filled with need
That this fair anguish, death inclines
and so stills and owns, and sets you free

Sweet passion's child, light endowed
With this spare verse I weave your shroud.

19. Esperanto
Thought flows in timed discourse with errant,
riven eddies lightly combed
Consuming houred, molten moments within the current
flow, sequential,
monumental matrixed loom.
divided on circumferenced chords in time.

Human minds that blend and burnish,
cadenced edges always furnished
with the sensed remorse of promises

Replete and so defined.

Will Esperanto, manufactured from linguistic, polyglot refine?
When Mind is poised for substitutions and dilutions so inclined?
No. In experiential discourse it will lose and so decline.

20. Eddies in the Turns of Time

Sharp divining, still point found, idylles inclining, borders bound
This, the cyclic, time worn design that empowers and defines

Unexpected, triped and shorn
of delected ancient, echoes patient, mind remade in current points.

Pause in thought that will become
The sered electric age to come.

Through winnowed time, combed and thinned
My silent frame contains and wins
Finding places faint and thinned
By those suspected, unelected, coy and kinned.

When shadowed, pulsed and finite thoughts
forget the timid forms they wrought

When reality turns time, so caught
That destiny reminds us not
That this, the waning age of Man
Is poised, transmutation, joined and planned

Unstoppable, uncharted shores
Beckon us forevermore.
Forever, past and future age.
Reminds us not to count its wage.

21. Into Space

Within the soul sealed cup of Earth
bestride the follied course now run
We poise in labored force of birth
To taste a future just begun.

What the Mind of Humans wrought,
brought to this revising hour
Is outward seeking, life quest sought
Linking minds, desire's power

On templetes newly made and tried
a world holds breath, in imaged sight
The ancient seat of human lives
hanging free, in sun clear light

Emerging soul of Earth's first child
Grasps the source of truth compiled.

22. Habited, Inhabited, Haunted and Humored

In the hedonistic havens of the nights than harbor hope.
My mind debriefs regressions that enlarge my soul born scope

Always looking for the future in a past that mists and moves
I taste the edges of emotions that evaded, lost and crude

In the feckless readmittance to the fortress of dismay
I repeat the interdiction of the drought that this portrays

And knowing we revise, recircumferance and so denote
The replication of conditions that derive and then emote.

So listen to the pulsing that subsumes, repeats and sings
And hear the glad declintion that the barest mention always brings

What Comes of Age

What numbering of rough hewn days
reminds our bodies of the age
That shivered fingers clutch and catch
within the pall of time's own latch

Age, that bane of sunlite thought
That promised life, remains to taunt
The callowed spirits who remain
within the cove of what's deemed sane.

Aged spirits, new to life
redeem and court the end of strife
While older lovers sample truth
gaining thus the source of youth

Older growing, older still
The insubstantial core that heals.

24. When Morning Grieves with Tear Worn Wishes

The morning grieves with seried brief
Abiding time designed and deft
That fortress place where love, bereft
Retreats to find those shards still left .

For losses, disjoint and solemn things
Remandered to undestined wings
That imagined source of what might be
Might regain the magnitudes of mispent dreams

Unborn, unrealized, heart and mind
can not forget, find recoursed signs
That tell and supplicate the fates
In kind explaining truth's rebate.

So while the throbbing, thrumming lives
While pain and grief still pulse and give
While all of these still make us real
Give thanks for pain that hurts - and heals.

(Written to Bil Munsil, on line acquaintance May 7, 1999 around 5:20 PM)
Typical of what? Achievement is measured by as many standards as there are people. It should like you have found the means to spend your life doing what you love. To do that most people have to be either independently wealthy or retired.
Life, is after all, what we make of it.

The Sum of Life
By what measure, at what cost
is life's true assessment, taken, held
What values summon, found and lost
contain the pain and joys we felt?

Birth beginning, death the end,
between the two we weave and make
The only truth that can rescind
the darkened hollow which is our fate.

Hours, minutes, days full count
time will sheer, divide and own
These spare pages, ours to mount
the essential us most true to bone.

When all is dust, forgotten lost
when time removes the scents of love
No one then will count the cost
or ask what years and thoughts could prove.

Ask yourself, then, as you write
The price of life you live in light.

And that is what I have to say about the matter. Pleasure in your day. Melinda

(Written for Ted in Hawaii. No particular reason. )
Taking Tea

We met across expansive gleems
Of nappered linens which were white
A rose pursed pink lips, coyed by leaves
that nodded, spoke in both our sights

We took tea, we nibbled, sipped
we nuanced, foiled, laughed and sighed
As time unfolded we traded, glimpsed
the parts of us that do not lie.

We took tea, in sylvan air
reforming wishes, vaulting hopes
We strengthened spirit, lost despair
resetting goals, we stretched our scope.

We took tea, one afternoon
And found the best things end too soon.

When You Don't Know What To Do.

When the slurried eddied, timed and turned,
roiled hours, wrack and churn.
When all is discord and dismay
and nothing placed remains and stays

When fluctuated, unsettled thoughts
recant the control you'd hoped you'd got
And all within the flux of time
retrofits your whole design

You've bottomed out, lost all your gas
and still you grasp, bemoan, but last
You've found the nadir, that's true
but you've also found the core of you.

So when nothing else can now go wrong
Think positive and so grow strong.

Solitude, Silence and Serenity

Serene reminders, coiled thoughts
that still the idylls life has wrought.
Solitude that steals our grief
leaving gifts of time made relief.

Echoed anguish dies unheard
in the momentary breath of words
That finding place within the soul
remind our spirits and our goals

Lillied pauses that reprove
the chaliced hopes that search and move
the houred minutes of each life
that born in fractions breed in strife.

Tremble when you hear the voids
that such remainded voice employed
To steal and maim, reflect, avoid
the empty thoughts that echo joy

For joy, the implement of light
Cannot be found without life's right.

Been There.

When lassitudes inertial force
contains the all we've ever been.
When all emotions become remorse
for what we've done, and not, again.

The grinding, maw of all the Nots
opens wide with grin grimed rage
We forgot to see the wonders lost
in contemplation of the grave

Remember touches, raptured hours
remember jokes that brought you home
Remember moments that empowered
and unnumbered smiles within life's loom

Life is what you did and gave
And not the things that you can save.

In Acts

Questions die on lips that cease,
their unremitting need to know
While surety, the God Unknown,
remands my soul to bind and sow.

Inward looking , focused thought
Seeking answers never asked
Finding raptures seldom chanced.
Promised shards that gleem and dance.

Poised in place and time and light
Found where surety is owned
Divining thoughts and can delight
If posing lends itself and hones.

When asking echoes, resonates
Answers form and end debate
Lending hopes that remand, elate
The linkages that known, must sate.

Life expounding, tempers thoughts
To winnow, taste, consider, touch
The lasting answers that reprove
Designs that make, and so improve

Finding answers deep within
Questions heal, relieve and mend.


Two Haiku

Love reaches us. Touching
that place of stillness
where no one else may come.

Words trickle into our ears
Travellers from a place
We cannot go.

One Haiku

Seasons of rapture
Caught in one intaken thought
Gives place to wonder


Matrixed void of mannered thoughts
that pace and promise time's reprise
Speak the sum of human hopes
in intellect and reason's guise

From human minds in pulsing course
the answers trickle, squeeze and drip
While lobes denied full intercourse
ignore the truths that fall from lips

A wracking convoluted maze
that winnows truth and fractures thought
The mind, now birthing coming days
that promise and imply the sought

Fields of diamonds, in full sight
Ignored because they catch the light.

When Thoughts Still Catch In Eddied Memory

The tumult, wracked and harrowed time,
has gentled; course relieved and cooled
Intellect now controls my mind
emotions sort, reflect, detach, unfooled.

Yet still you linger there, in mind-made fantasy that beguiled
Still your words, tasted, owned
and so sharp honed
and needed still repair
To that rare place,
still there.
Even now, events receeding into Nevered home
of desires died for want of breath and life and pleadings.
Still there.
Giving aching memory to both injury and joy so sharply etched
That the barest edge of touch can cut.
To bone and deep born needings.
Still there.

In that harbored time encapsuled place
Where two were one within embrace.
Where looking into other eyes
I saw myself, believed, surprised.

Whose lips still press on mine in the almost woken time
of jasmined morning barely broken into day?
Gentle lips that brushed away
the unbeguiled, riven questions now unsung?
Speaking magic interludes of dear becomings, rapture hung.

Those encaptured memories, never sought
that cling and keep and touch and own my heart
its murmured recollections to so impart.
That time, both friend and traitor, might restart.

The Fragrant Scent of Life Unspent

Time's coursing cadence melts the heart's
own distant summings while echoes prove
That seldom touches, improve those parts
that fickle lovers deceive and rue.

Deceptions writ on shadowed tomes
that spoke in wit-toned sly, taut runes
Deface the truth of love's own tomb
and trill discordent half made tunes.

This the song that freezes time
discoursing follied hopes worn thin
This the chorused unmade lie
where love once given found its end.

Fragrant with the hearts own tears
Jasmined eyes that know no fear.

Insightful Thoughts

When idle thoughts design our lives
renewing time crossed echoed deeds
That half remembered, wit rich scribe
whose worded life rekindled dreams

Lives on in half toned, still born pleas
that once uttered draw in the thoughts
That course the haggered destinies
now owned and given since they've brought
The fine divorce that made us free

Inseeing scribe that age forgot,
who spoke the words that summoned grief
Remake the coming time of drought,
that well of words that blinds, retrieved

The memoried unfolding, lost in time
That pulses still within our minds.

Verse in Me.
My verse pervades the timeless wastes,
building epoches, lending grace
to those sublime and tortured thoughts
that prevail when I can't talk.
They come in cadenced roiling tides,
that dwell within, bestill, abide,
remind my soul of onward dreams
that glance and stipple all I see.
Enjoining mind to circumvent
the ravished tangents time has send
To echo terse and fractured rhymes
that enter magic, words divine.
Into pauses fraught with tendered hopes
to promise me enlarging scope.

Stealing moments, hours, lives,
they forge the fevered, unriven lies
That shackle, maim and swallow hopes
that less compelling still lend us scope

To lives that thirst for untried tastes
that forbidden still invite embrace


When mind remakes and takes and needs
a thing that promises scarce breathed release
When life's own pulsing is fever starved
for that spare touch which fate has bared

The brain can not retain its course
and all within explodes remorse


The barest edge of needed bliss
retains the hopes that life has missed
But even this, the dungeoned keep
of ravaged will can learn to sleep
With time, the edging dims and ebbs
and passion pays its debt - in death.

37. To be finished.

The hour grows late
and the arms of Morpheus beckon me
to sylvan slumbers couched in unknown dreams,
coiling both the rigid thought of reason modelled mind
and the passioned unplumbed depths of emotive acts,
the two inpacted, corded,
always twined
and so combined.

Touches Never Felt

Ideas that reach a place within, which fingers never touch
Illuminate of liquid thought,
evoking fire so mind is caught.
Cascades, connects to interlace
In this, the intellect's embrace.

The webbed reminder all are One
Revealing first, and last, the sums
That toll up eons, epoches, lives
That adding thoughts cannot then die.

Dusty Books

When volumed rows of unread tomes,
residing, stilled in silent thought
Remind the passerby who owns
to look and catch a thread of note

And pause.

Remembered moment fraught,
with time turned destiny wrung dry
To turn the pages long unsought
And seek the newborn answered whys


Found in margins, scribbled lines
rioting with insighted eyes
That saw, and understood the kinds
of nuanced distance, given lies


The mind to sift through time
descriminate, detect, the winnowed truth
That direction may storm the sharp incline
of faulted theories, aborted, rude.


Through houred, yeared, dishonored lives
we touch on turnings, twisted time
That shift and savage, gild, devise
the bedrock from which spirit's mined.


In booked corners, dusted, cloaked
We find the tortured page unspoke.

Sorting Through

The boxed remains of houred life,
removed immediacies of need
Remain to clutter, creating strife
filling places we don't wish to see

Impending clumps and sordid sheafs
of banished hopes and stillborn dreams
Remaindered mementos of things most brief
or of love's endurance, sweet with grief

Through all of these we sort and sigh
touching life's reflected omms
And as we winnow, tear, delight
Our thoughts return, for nothings gone

Sort through accumulated things
And find unremembered, hoped for wings

Abuse that Clings

The surge of love that finds your soul
glancing touch, indifferent voice
When this wretched thing is your one goal
Can light your heart and birth your joys

You love, are tied by things unseen
those shackling, endorphined echoed hopes
That live to breed in mind made dreams
rescinding life and all your scope

You love, unable to retrain
your mind by recognizing the source of pain
You love in prisoned time drawn long
unabled, needy, reason gone.

You love and hope, believe, have faith
remake the past for someones sake
The someone, source of life's own light
the one who curses you to endless night

Abusive loving that distains
To let you live among the sane.

The Twists and Turnings of Fate
In jasmine minted memory,
the twists of fate remind and reach
To turn the face of destiny
and call the spirit back to teach

Look and see the woven thoughts
that cradled who you have become
Look, accept what you have wrought
reject the drugs that conscience numb

Within the folds of misspent time
the dross transformed relents its cost
Admitting, with sight the sure design
that denies that savor can be lost

Banished hours, poignant touch
to bind up wounds that could not heal
Admit the pain that aches is just
and own the truths that make you real.

Justice Quest

Balanced lives that echo truth.
Belie the garbed peversity of false design
banishing the fragrance born on windful tidings
breathing sacred, solemn moments strung in time.

Lives in weighted thought spun action come.
Becoming echoed fractions sung in sense drenched
lastings; tilted, tensive, ceaseless passage
of those threadings interactive
filling, time and introspective
surety, known though undefined.
This the stark redemption
never mentioned
whose summation is

Walk the Tall Ships to Ninivah

Tall ships that shift and shape a world unmade
Taking sail to Ninivah
The blatant, bannered, bastioned wind-filled cups
That slice through time and space
remaking paths in unseen minds.

To Ninivah.

Shattered mote of time, lost in travailed, oncoming acts
Matrixed place of Man's design, trading, loving, bold becoming
Ransomed now from dust and thought
Stones and mud reproving unheard echoes, lives undone
The tall ships walked to Ninivah.

To Ninivah.

Placed in lives that glistened, flourished, spoke
Reproving all that makes their time remote.
Laughter spilling over into eyes that touched
tomorrows now unknown.
Acts that raptured, owned, devoured, lusted
snuffed by candle coddled light
lost in void of unbottomed night.

Ancient silence owns you still and still and always
Swollowed ships and caravaned oncomings
Laughter, tears and softest touches, musiced hum
of inward turning deaths
Exhumed to fractured shards of sight
through minds in forward flight
with wind captured odes of ancient, tragic heights
Tall ships that sail in wordward air of mind.

To Ninivah.

The Song of Tongues - for the true source of human speech

In cave cupped ambiance, forgotten, lost
Eyes looked up in love that left no place to ponder.
In momentary wakened need relieved or sated.
Eyes locked in love, believed and joined.
Coupled lives that birth deployed.
The Song of Tongues first fluttered, toned and sung
the liquid love of laughter scented joy.

Birthing Song of Human Tongues.

A mind gave garbled form to cadenced onward rushing pleas
unwoven threads spun gold
and dross in wayward wonder.
Her will elects to slake his needs.
Uttered joy that owns the soft warm weight of mother
to eager lips pursed touched on breast.
Endorphined rapture drove and bonded,
And so began the endless quest.

Fragrant tang of milk that filled and stilled all inner hungers
Embracing arms, circumferanced worlds unnumbered.

A Song both heard and sung its wafting wonders.
Small beginnings.
Source of untapped futures unadmitting.
Formed unseen
in those convoluted foldings,
a fortress built inside a dream.

Song of Tongues

That speak through wending ages, coiling in minds that lifted fragile thought
into oncoming tides of breath made sages.
To dance the metronomed delights of mind
Sheered and glanced through tendriled course of echoed time.

All born from upward glancing love
That gives in full, forgetting life bound reach
Remaking tongued nothings into speech.

Burning: Twists in Time
The slow sure creak of labored hours
that filled the passing days
with meals and duties done uncounted
The burning came on this.
Into ordinary lives that laced the past and present times
From honest faces free of fear
To questions poised and answered true with only mild tremblings of tears
to flesh wrenched chasmed screams unmade
because their voices died away
in racked remaindered eons filled with pain.
That someone's cleric might find gain.

The times of Burnings
Lost from sight of historied page
Their sorry plights, dismissed, ungauged.

Only women, shrugged, distained.
Only women's blooded pain.

In twists of time removed from saged returnings
dismissed to crisp and blacken in endless nights of shackled screams
Emptied homes and unbaked bread
unmothered children left for dead
No stone to mark their passing
Emptied passions in the wake of wordward fashion.

The times of Burning
Villages that lost their hearts
unwoved clothe left on the loom
unspun lives remarked their doom.

In twists of time and ravished lives
the women cried and begged and died.
Witches named for virtues lived.
A time that maimed, defamed and caught
women, of high and low degree
binding all in death drawn misery.
Marked for death that raped and ate
ordinary lives that ended, bent the shape
of decades made from wrongful thoughts
Seizing all and leaving naught.

A punctuated, shrugged off event
that stole their lives without defense.

Twists of time that burn our souls
because their deaths, still unavenged
salt the soil where dreams might grow.
Word that summons, begged, defied
the psalm of death that tainted lives.

For justice done can cast out lies.

Perfect Pastry

Secured on doilied dish, pristine, untouched
With chocolate manner, crisp and light
It promised tastes exquisite, lush
To sooth my angst into delight.

Raspberried gloss invited tongue
While vanillaed, ambiance promised greeds
would be sated, surcease begun
and unthought delections made known to needs.

I breathed in hungers all unknown
Felt the pangs of unfilled life
While saliva beaded my soul bemoaned
the sure confection of each bite.

Untasted thus unknown and left
Life of promise, myself bereft.

Celestial Orbits Which Touch

In passaged wander marked through time
to run through voids of ethered air.
The winged webs of matrixed minds
kill out reproof, disown despair.

In circuits terse, arched wide and thin
from course run past to never yet
The coming birth, disjoined will mend
the emptiness of scored regret.

Metallic mottos retread the Gods
remind our weaved body's souls
That no matter how remote the odds
the longest game remains our goal.

Ethereal vision wrought in light
Celestialed orb wrenched from the night.

A Long Waiting

Scored by murmured promises
that rend the mind, divide our hopes
I stand unsure of how to mix
the unsaid words that fate revokes

Redeeming hours lost to lips
that paused when speech refused the breech
This, the echoed force that slips
from lives that torture, sear and screech

A long. long waiting, wrested life
That harbors unseen, restless tides.

Smile for me

Joyful weaving, time and space
reminds our souls to interlace
Reflecting pasts untapped or known
and all the shadowed former homes

That held the sparkling, refracted thoughts
That owned our hearts and told our doubts
Inciting hungers born in minds
That find election through design.

Laugh, and linger, touch and stroke
recline in fond and tendered hopes
Remain the cusp and core of soul
That never changing, needs no goal.

Looking back in Time

Reflected thoughts that age and grey
rekindled hopes removed by fear
Remind my mind of its redoubt
Simmered holdings held in mouths

For paused dreams remander lives
Reproving ages yet unborn
As fulsome laughter lights your eyes
My heart experiences your scorn

Reflected thoughts that winnow hours
Refining those unspoken dreams
So thus is lost the source of power
Even as your drownd in schemes.

Elected hopes, refined from thoughts
that magnify the core untouched
Select the future and its droughts
costing us so very much.

Reflect the life that you would live
neglecting nothing left to give.

Anti-Matter of Little Moment

Time slips and slithers, washed from hands
that carry burdens and demands
Antiquated, fragiled thoughts
thinned by unsaid time honed truths
Release our intellects, reprove our doubts.

Ragged reason, cognite tool
fractures on some new made rules
Thus have the moments held and taught
Since punctuated by times sharpened tooth
Gained both weight and cultured clout

Once, and once and once again
Exchanging thought can still begin.
This, the mote that said, amends.


Our children hold our only tangible promise of immortality.
They bind us to the fate of the world by the heart strings.
I never knew the naked depths of fear until I had children to lose.
And I never knew the completeness of uncalculating love until I held a baby in my arms.

All in all, it was the best deal I ever made.

Letting Go Illusions - To Craig Franklin

The tendriled tug of memories reproves my reasoned thought
Sharp and sweet that idylled time, devoid of all but drought
Sanctuaried, love made place
Where I have lingered in embrace

With that one imperfect, personed soul
Who spun out love in raptured flows
Of song borne thought entrancing, glad
Reminding, lighting, the life I had.

Illusioned figment of my mind
Where only grief and sarrows bind
The soul sered silence that you left
Leaving me consumed, bereft.

This, the logic of your acts
Stark and violent, ugly facts.

This the unmade years I'd given
Disposed and sneered, my heart so riven.
That even logic turns away
When so little remains to do and say.

My hand, that still, still longs to touch
Mind reproved, it winced but trusts
Because love filled, consumed, forgave
Til nothing there was left to save.

Addicted to the thought of you
Now realized: who I never knew.

So mind - release your argued wish
Logic, reason delve and sheer
Revoke the memoried source, dismiss
The undone presence once most dear

Remove the Craig who was my heart
That I might breathe, live on, restart
The life I forged from living will
that pain in me be stilled.

Finding Place in Chaos

Structures, mythic places wrought,
in human action found in thought
Sustain our cherished place in time
a sure cognition of the mind

Structures fail us when we pause
to read the clarity of laws
Revealing what is true and not
the things we have so eager, sought

Structures; neverland of what we wish
revokes complacence to dismiss
The certitudes that hide and frame
the yesterdays that once detained

Question structures, own your soul
For only questions reveal us whole.

The Fading Light

The shadows lenghten to remove
the coursed thoughts that masked delight
Contentment, encroaching condiment
reminds the spirit, confines our sight

To what has nurtured, held and touched
the quiet hour of day that trusts
Confiding all its memories
This, the time most like to please.

Lilaced masking that confines
the vivid wishes, morning born
The deep breathed chalice of the mind
harbored keep against the storm.

This hour savored, tasted, owned
Reminds the soul you aren't alone.


Spring-fed suppled, barely grown
the thistles seldom show their thorns.
Waxing into yearful fruit
the tiny hooks rear up their shoots

Clasping, working, into flesh
into hair, in time locked quest
Thistles living out their lives
spreading promises and lies.

Promised beauty, joined with thought
Gravid need that can't be stopped


Unthinking knowing, breeding on
into a futures seeded lawn
From voids of past that saw the same
without the structure of the name


Genus, kingdom, named and writ
the plant that nabs with time tried wit
Life insists that it continue
A war within the cusp of meadow


Blended growing, poised in time
To render true their self-made kind

Blending Thoughts

Our thoughts combine in cadenced dance
reminding motes of fractured time
That this, the pivot of life's chance
plays out in metered, fleeting kinds

Each breath removed from future owned
each smile given into dark
Remembered love, a precious loan
that carries us to blending sparks

Sparks of life that seried move
through rapture, raging, lost, despair
To remember eyes that prove
that someone in that void did care.

Blending thoughts that make us whole
Fractured thoughts that tell us so.

Remembered Pain

A ravaged life that poured out love
distorted, stolen without thought
Remains to sear with harsh reproof
In quiet cloistered, sad, redoubt

Who took the gifts that offered life?
Whose calloused greeds have emptied hearts?
Whose unremitting, unbottomed needs
Disowned honor, denied belief?

A million takers, feed on truth
feasting on our lives and trust.
A million, million, throughout time
Continue to repeat their crimes.

Through fraud, coercion, force they take
The lives that touch theirs own and make
A banquet of those trusting souls
Who gave and gave for common goals

Wives who labored, stayed at home
Creating place and future hopes
Their lives ripped out from part-make looms
Investments stolen with their scope.

This, the kind and part of men
Who feed on trust, again, again.

Pauseful Wish for Amusing Summer

Vedaed, UFOed and informed,
that mysteried lives are unadorned
That myth and fact don't intersect
When actually they make one set

The world, in process, partly seen
By eyes that hold what minds will bring.

The life of authored thought deployed
Speaking, writing - and annoyed
Tersely written, to reflect
Exasperated they can't detect
The edged touch of myth and fact
With minds that try and trying, lack.

Fun to be a savant sage
Exasperating to pay the wage.

You wait, expectant, for light to dawn
While others scratch and fumbling, yawn.

The single mind intuites much
Retrieves the threads of former thought
And still will miss the barest touch
Of integrative, futures sought.

But human minds, those wonderous tools
Remand the intellects of fools
For all go into what will be
Unconscious of the world they see.

A Fine and Thorough Grieving

It fills up lungs with rancid aches
That rake the futured worlds unsummed
It scores my skin and binds and breaks
Unwritten songs that die unsung.


Chaliced holding of love unmade
That excises pleas, reproves all hope
This, the unplumbed source displayed
To all who know the heart revoked.


Burning into deepest places unrelieving

Lost to eyes that held and touched
Lost to arms, encompassed lusts
Lost to voices, broken words
Lost to ears that strained and heard


Bitter fragments, shards of thought
That held belief in what is not.

Shadows on the Lips of Time

Brave houred lives that flow the course
Reproving vanities sublime
This, the fractured thought derived
From all summations of design.

Tendriled sparks, unspoken love
Uninvested, unseen breathes
Derange the conscious taken path
Leading us to misspent deaths.

Actions taken, actions owned
Actions wakened, truth will hone
Shards of wakened, time turned truth
That crystalize the source of youth.

I listened to the things not said
And smiled at whispers which cancel dread.

Waxing Life Reproves Our Doubts

Life swells with promised futures wrought
In time blessed interest spending thought
Life, the process from which Time gleens
The woven substance of our dreams

Dreams; becomings crystalled form
Which refutes the lies of Nature's storms
Remanding all the unseen whens
That unremembered test Time's end

In process caught we strain to see
That manifold refections breed
A larger world that can be thought
Untasted futures not yet sought.

When slumber evades your peace starved needs
Remember this, all time still weaves.

Passaged Time

Seasons tasted, owned, and tried
Create the world in which we live
Seasons savored, honed, implied
Refute that we've none left to give

Works continue past our years
With well considered force retained
Works elemental course of tears
Into lives that gave as well as maimed.

Time for passion spent in acts
Time to taste the fall of tears
Paused to reconsider facts
That understood, relieve our fears.

Beginnings that reprove our doubts
Dreams that carry us past now.

Unowned Thought

Lighted majesty of unowned time
Removed by acts that course and cross the void.
Rebel from destiny of echoed hopes
That touched the sanded need of ventured joys.


Reminded child of uncommon needs
That touched the cusp of untried vaults of time
That seried acts might satiate the greeds
Of appetites that feed on Truth’s decline


Coarse reprimand that blinds the eyes divine
That Spirit thought might languish and decline
Denied untrammeled course of Timeƕs becoming
The blossoming of Man; cacaphoned dunning


In worded shrouds that pall, distort and maim
Deny the verities of light and time
Still, frightened things whose needs must clinch and shame
Confounding human hopes to unsaid crimes


This, the idled greeds which made the Now
Shall sheer and fracture, given edged thought
Because of all the unsaid vows
The future, yet unseen is still most sought.

Foreswear, again, again, and yet the past
Remakes distortive cloth, reweaves the ash.


Illusive Dreams

Illusion borne in shadowed thought
that fails to see unspoken chains
This the foil time has wrought
that grieves the soul and life detains.


Soul made future born with thought
sustains the avenues of hope
Retains the mannered place of scope
that honored quest where time delopes.


Untouched crystal, perfect dream
unrelenting place unseen.

In timed triste, reproved by sore bent thought
I glanced on summoned summits that defined
The heart and soul of one whose mind has caught
The elements, eclected course, of abled mind.

In versed metronome of echoed threads
That weave the unelected in one whole
I trysted with the void and scarse had read
When summoned will lead on to other goals

So jasmined moments hung with traced scents
Confirmed the Self; becoming out of time
And Jasmined thoughts reproved the mannered bent
Confirming harrowed winnowings of mind.

From ravened, fluid, words of lighted day
I saw the source and read what you'd to say.

Come Suckle, Taste and Know

In tongued thought that leaves no time for savor
The voice untried gives raptured chords to time
As this beguiled moment yields its elements of flavor
I lean my head to hear the heart that beats with mine.

Metronome of joyous joining
That limits course of life to raptured touch
This, the one sure unity employing
That lends the fevered breath to endless lust.

Minds touched first, surprised in finding
Fingers followed to employ their velvet greeds
As each moment spent consented to the binding
Finding in the other all unknown needs.

Perfect moments breathed and savored, owned and bound
That Nevered voids might be turned away unfound.

Addendum to Song of Tongues

What made us human, joined in lost remembrance?
From Time ravelled acts which bore our cyphered souls?
Eyes that locked in Love compelled to grow
Minds that knew that Love had much to sow.

Hello again. I wrote this. The woman holding child is the original sacred mother, the sophia who lives always as the kernaled, source and soul of humanity.

Changing Time - Seneca Falls Revisited - To two women who dreamed long and clearly, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

Time's fabric, woven act by act
consumes the emptied course of years
The weaver's work that chooses facts
must also choose to own her fears.

For structured worlds devolve and blend
while despots take our fragile hopes
Elected despots, this age's kin
Eat our substance and our scope.

Structures cage, revoke our lives
Consume the grace of foreward thought
Transmute the world for which we strive
While justifying the pain they've wrought

But structures bear no living grudge
Refuse to ratify - and shrug.

Forget Not Yet

From momentary thought, enfolded time
We weave the veil of truth that future holds
And giving echoed thought, the most sublime
We grieve for what is found and lost in goals

For goals put stops as limits come
subsuming limitations, human minds
These soul-bent elements that beat the drum
Of primitive remembrance lost in time

For Truth, unchanging destiny remakes
The thought that lightens burdens taken on
Refects the hardened edges that me make
as theologic destiny undone

So reject the structured places you assume
These hardened edges bring only doom.

That Truth Will Set You Free

The cringing fear that dark consumes
in savaged need to hide your acts
This, the harbored place removed
from Light embracing ugly facts.

Your fear

That honored truth might touch, reveal,
rip disguises from the soul
Widen eyes that loved, revered
The unearned credit that made you whole.

The fear

The Light that cripples, distorts, then sneering, defines
sequestered thoughts that map your soul
This, the fearsome monsters finds
the realist you with all its holes.

Your fear.

Unholy warts that steal and rend
unremitting, aching, nevered sights
This the Hell where nothing mends
the fear that falsity incites.

Your fear

That life not lived in honored light
Condemns your soul to endless night.
For breath comes short as sweating takes
The untrue life that shadows make.

Toxic Mind - Dedicated with heartfelt truth to A. Craig Franklin the most vicious man I have ever known.

Toxic mind with muted scope
consuming, clawing, gravid needs
Poison drips, extrudes and seeks
to satiate its unmet greeds


Blandished words that supplicate
Distorted images that incite
This, the fabric of the soul
This, that mind's most needed goal.


Manipulating all that's true
into what he wants to do.
Fractured visions that can kill
when innocence believes them real.


No honored word alive in fact
No civil content to his acts.
No worth from life to live in time
No soul redeemed from all its crimes.


Post the warning for all to read
Do not let this monster feed.

Truth that Brings Us Freedom
Truth distorted is not lost
its force, long hidden, consumed in time
Truth, the carrier of human mind
is the structured soul of all divine.


Unrelenting, unconcealing
caught through mists of fearful crimes
Is the fortress of the freedom
that gives life to Man's designs.


Every breath long taken,
visions of untrammeled hope
This, the spirit wakens
to the whole of human scope.


The soul awake to sight of these
cannot lose its honored life
For couraged Will shall win through grief
and multiply its joy from strife.

Truth & Freedom

Two sides of one much larger thing
Necessitated by unspoken rules
One majesty of cherished wings
That can't be lost to craven fools.

Truth & Freedom

I listen to the taste is truth
I bathe my soul in ravaged dreams
To know the sight of truths design
Will sustain them both in me.

And knowing this I can survive
To live my days despite their lies.

Sullied Souls

Sullied by their self-named greeds
Residing only in their needs
Raddled fingers pry at flesh
Even while their hopes taste death

Souls that fluxed and flickering ate
The sorry days that are their fate.
Hungered, needing, shells of Man
The detritus that never can.

Touch or love in honored tones
Their fate will leave them each - alone.
Grasping, pleading, starving minds
That unabled are still inclined.

These the frightened souls who scheme
To own the truth of someones dream.
These the empty toothless bones
That dead, still take what they can't own.

Sullied souls, extinguished lights
Abandoned to the endless night.


When shame refutes unhallowed lusts
And burns with searing coals of pain
When regretting tears dry down to dust
And fear's dim echoes also wane.

The soul turns back to learn life's truth
Reflected lessons edged in defeat
It feels the birthing pains unloosed
That fill the traumaed heart with need


A finding of unsummoned hope
that cleanses, eases, breath renews
To put away the fractured notes
That tore and maimed the former you.


Given from unmeasured voids
That plumb the depths of disbelief
This, circumferenced joy employs
The challenged fears that cause all grief.

When given, taken, reforged and true
The only untold part is you.

I Am Love, Am I.

Strength enfolding tenderness
honored summing of all bliss
Raptures, longing, blending thought
lingered touches not forgot.

Still small moments in each day
when the ecstatic find their play
Languid longings, surely filled
when touch of eyes finds hungers stilled.

Breath that harbors thought's caress
while mind reflects and knows its blessed
Skin borne sensations tingle, course
while the least removal brings remorse.

Love keeps and pleases, changes life
Even as it cancels strife.
Love, illusion that betrays
the reasoned hopes of all our days.

Unsettled Thoughts

Restless days devoid of eyes
that speak of kindled loves delights
Empty nights of lonely sighs
remander hope, extinguish light.

Hungry arms and lips that grieve
for murmured moments cupped in dark
This the profit crimes will leave
to lying tongues who leave their marks.

Restless thoughts that shudder, twist
divide all time between one breath
Stone hard the barriered stand of mist
that know the force of savaged death.

Lonely moments strung through time
Dividing you from all that's kind.

Timid Eyes that Ask for Measured Dreams

Windowed view of fragile dreams my mind subscribes to errant schemes.
That promise measured avenues
From all the lesser kinds we gleaned

Eyes that glance, evade, avoid, flicker when the light grows hot
These the magnitudes of discourse
From which all conclusions must be wrought.

Briefed opinions raise the tide of cultures coiling out through time
From solemn courtrooms frigid locks
Distort the flow of needs in minds.

Winds that pour and warp the stones remind us of the riven sands
Form remanded into form reshapes the world
Finding what our minds command.

Souled self that lives in coddled light removes the elements of speech
Selecting from all banished worlds
A time elected, though it be brief.

Escape from life and flee from thought
By such action you are - Not.

Song of Wounding

From fractured thoughts of sylvan goals and mannered possibilities
Uncivil Huns, contempt unfurled, claw and rape a world undone.
Abandoned child of light must die
And never know the reason why.

This, the future, imaged, made
By those who chose to take and take.

Wealth is transferred to those who steal
By acts of fraud that cannot heal.

Acts distort, unhinge the Earth
Inciting greeds that drain our worth.

Do acts of self create the right
To steal from those who trust in light?

Do those who steal believe that they
Will be able to not face the day

When enabled by the tools of mind
The blind will see through their design?

They cringe because they know that time
Encroaches now, though lost to signs.

They will grow cold as grave spent dust
For Justice will not feed their lusts.

When Truth is Also Falsity

The truth reminds us life is short
Limits set without reprieve.
Are also blessings that anoint
And let our minds find mysteries.

Truth, which limits what is known
Truth, which tells the source we see
Truth, which effervesces to rejoice
Truth, the only thing that makes us free.

But Truth does not extend our sight
To places which, unknown, still are in Light.

Arch of Consciousness

Arch of Consciousness, blade of thought
circumscribes the varied souls of human toil
Born from unseen past; writ large in present sought
while always Time continues, set in constant boil

Arch of Consciousness, the minuet of needful weaving
Slow becoming larger than the eyes of Man
This patterned promise in the making of believing
Catching flows and eddies of the almost banned.

Arching over, in and through the works and mind
Subsuming each, compounding, integrating whole
Speaking silent promises that show all is one kind
Bare tendril of the future, which alive, becomes the goal.

Arch of Consciousness in breath and light
Arch of Consciousness in death and night.

The Muse

Speech from folds of mind unplumbed
The Unbeginning
That ended long ago.

Musing thoughts that magnify, deploy and sum
Assembling the bytes of beautied truth
By redefining tendriled elements oncoming.

Touching on the birthing days of future structures
The Muse reminds the unseen times that ended long ago.
That the forward fearsome destiny might rupture.

Muse of dance and words
That lingers in the moment of a thought
Muse of effervescent images untaught
The barest edge of intimation yet unheard

In silence coming
The Muse internal
To the chamber of your summing.

Eyes That Touch
From minds that bring the force of thought to light of day
Eyes evoke, in passaged glance, the fortress of delay.
Time's truce with truth combines the soul in savaged play
That danced on the cusp of time in storied ways.

Eyes Touch.

Most intimate of all caresses
Encite the forward moving needs it so expresses

Eyes Touch.

With laughter lingering in fond remembrance
That sear the site, delight of rare encumbrance.

Eyes Touch.

Scaling frozen monuments which cannot feel
The interrupted semblence of what is real.


Cold thoughts that see what wasn't clear before.
Through glanced gaze that gave unmeasured credit
To well-wished hopes that such was true unfettered
Insight come from acts defining
A magnitude denies all wishful lying.


The only surge emotioned spirit lends
To those who, bankrupt spirit, honor rape.
Distort the shape of lives their greeds both need and take.

Cold thoughts condemn their actions and remake
The culture which removes and proves their fate.


Webbed deceiving, building blocks of mired believing.
Wish for what is not.
Build its tortured structure into true born thought.
An incubated swamp of suffered fear
That steals the breath from hope and ruptures mortal lives
with the constant unremitting needing, needing, needing
to shift the shape of acts and soul-sick mind
Into something with which Fate might deal, benign.

Lies steal the soul and ravage both the liar and the scope.
They distort the corners and the fields of simple lives
They undermine, defraud, and sneak in under blandished guise.


A life becomes a lie, high and low, its years long taking
The lie will kill the soul
And the lie is grief in making.

In the wake of lie-borne life
Victims shudder, fear, but find strength from strife.

But liar takes the lie along
Recasting fate in jarring songs.

So when your lips pause in thought
Pursed with what to say
Think before your thoughts take air
Live truth with all your days.

No Privilege

Creating futures from our will
with acts defining living thought
Small or great the acts speak still
circumscribing all our souls have wrought.

Small and great the tolling sums
with no forgiveness or remorse
Mark our lives and make us numb
If we turn from honor's course.

Numb to beauty, dead to light
Extinguished spirit, source and goals
This, the long, long fall to night
that brings us death that is not old.

Privilaged power flexes, takes
designs its greeds and feeds its maw
But such as these the light forsake
because the truth lives in finer laws.

Take without a thought of right.
Condemn your soul to unbottomed night.


The rise of love that ventures touch
to trace the light of skin warmed thought
Bemuses moments never dreamed
and when bodies bind themselves, redeem.

Redeem the trusts of honored lives
trusting touches, pledged reprise
When such meet in velvet love
all time refutes; the years reprove

But when greeds hide within love's mask
the needs that feed will not long last
The very hunger which drives the lust
will spend itself to shrivelled dust.

This, the fate of those who've tried
To quench their thirsts in other's lives

Musical Interlude

A sea of sound that coils, traces, pierces, owns
that lulls my fears and echoes in to where I am alone
Embrace of thought
reprised from someone else's mind
in slow surprise I taste the source,
reprove my doubts
vanquish idled memories, improve redoubts.

Interlude of consciousness that heightens hope
brief ecstatic mentioning that enclosing, swells my scope

In sound, from fractured chords of vaulted dreams
I vibrate with the savor of what mannered thought can mean.

Epochal Time

Metronome of time, compiled years of human life
In ages wrung from unwound suns
This momentary pause, unsung, begins and ends the cycles strife.

Epochs past, undone in sifting memories of dust.
Lives of feast and folly that, sublime, were born from lust.
Still create the culture living in human matrix made in trust.

In layered lives that beat and breathe
That pulse with passioned thought redeemed
From momentary visions that direct, contain and breed

The long becoming.
Earth lit and touched with sacred light
Divine design disguised in sight.

The long becoming,
Whispered trace of thought that binds our futures long and deep.
Held in form and space of thought;
minds intersect in faith and doubt
This, the coiled pattern seen
When all our acts were not yet dreams.

The Press of Need
Compressed desire, tortured needs,
redefine each lonely hour
Unechoed space that fills with greeds
that, unfulfilled still grow with power.


Body aching, groin that throbs
mind grows hot with deeds undone
Untapped life suppressed as sobs
that unreleased still scorch like sun.


The mind that dreams of fondled nights
rekindles hopes that should be gone
For this long fast from all delight
is just a taste that will be long.


Needs to find in someone's eyes
eternal yeses that accept
The truth of self that cannot die
and in such sanctuary rest


Needs that immolate the soul
Leaving no place you can go.

Doing It.

Precious life, defined by acts
subsuming all within the tides
Of human course within the fact
that each of us will surely die.

Chaliced life of memoried thought
stage on which discourse is spoke
In this way is history wrought
and thus will our future be evoked.

One by one we speak in acts
defining all within our scope
one by one we will react
limiting the breadth of hope.

Take in breath, fill deep your lungs
pause in time cacaphonic course
Rethink the vision so begun
remake time by your own choice.

Extend the vision justice brings
Do right that future might redeem.

Policy of Justice

In the folds of futile follies, in the flesh of fevered souls
lives the fear of past tense crimes that refuse to die unowned.
In the magnitude of harbors which dwell in shattered lives
the truth of greed made ventures shines a light on the unknown.

In acts the greedy savaged, and in acts the deeds were done
but the night won't take their calumned shape, the truth must soon be known.

It's the Policy of Justice that defines the futured days
It's the Policy of Justice that unrelenting, is undismayed.

It's the Policy of Justice that grips the head of shame
And the wrenching of the hands of truth can kill what they don't maim.

For Justice is not gentle with the takers and the bold
For Justice unrelenting, is the agent all alone.

Agent come in shadows and in the startled light
the shining knight of Justice bearing truth with which to smite.

They whimper and they tremble and their bowels run and grip
but the hour of the reckoning will find them sure and quick.

And in the hour of that coming, in the minute that they know
then the hollow laugh of Justice pronounces Truth out sure and cold.

Sharp Pleasure

In sight of thought that bears the press
of light enhancing gentleness
In vision that has grace to dress
unfathomed source of tenderness.

Sharp Pleasures

Tasted, owned; that carry touch
to places that once kindled lust.
Winsome echoes, muted dust
that impinges on the edge of trust.

Sharp Pleasures

Born in hunger, breed in needs
hunger's savor bend and tease
Rabid for the not-quite-pressed
hungers embellish, mind can repress.

Sharp Pleasures

In human nature, born and formed
hungers flavor, instincts warm.
While reason, tool of folly's scorn
remits the mite that shall be born.

Sharp Pleasures

Human mind become a tool
To lusts that render reasoned fools.

Illusioned Life

When tempered time bespeaks the coming age
oppression must relieve your life's own wage

Harbored fantasies that live and breathe our fetid needs
filleted follies that remand and tease
Self-serving, untrue coying thoughts that freeze
The honored will when silence fills their deeds.

Illusioned lives that dance in seried chords
repeat the shadowed voice of yestered voids
and grieve with mannered tones the unreal coils.


Doubt cannot exhume your gravid toils
Reason cannot remove your emptied foils.

Because we made illusion into friend
Lives of beauty find only shattered ends.

Consort of Hate - Dedicated to Jonathan Scott Franklin

Small lies that steal the truth, distort the world
your flag of battle pledged, dishonors life
Alive with hate consumed in greed.

This, the means and manner that must yield
in time to crystalled light of vouch saved shield.

Small lies and large
the poisoned words, sheer monotone of tongue
the source of self that leaves your truth undone
Hate the byword and the source
Hate the core of your sure course.

Lies evoking viciousness and greed
lies that plant your toxic touch unseen

Hate for all that's true and just
Hate that feeds upon your lusts.

Lies revoking honor breed dismay
lies that smolder, hidden and replayed.

A life of lies.
Small and large
A life that, never should have found a start.

Hear this.
Hate exemplified and live
You feed in hate and so in hate will die.

The putrid touch of lies shall mark your days
the saccherine, cloying taste won't wash away.
defined by lies your soul will tarnish, pucker and distort
and disappointment and revulsion will be your spare resort.

Lies and hate
For by lies you made your life
and in lies your soul, never true, sincere of whole
will find the future blocked and cold
for by lies your soul is sold.


In houred course of time made rule
a moment, unannounced, arrives
And all that's true creates renewal
and all that's false gives way and dies.

In karmic cant, the stream of time
rejects the greeds and lusts that steal
And complacency of ancient crimes
shatter on shoals of what is real.

For justice pulses, grows, remakes
the lives that honor told in acts
And lies that sought to shift and shape
The liars must now regret as facts.

Shame and edges of despair
refute the hands that grasped at air
For only truth lends strength's repair
and only justice sustains and cares.

Raddled hopes of greeds unearned
Die in soiled clothes grown old
For only time reminds and learns
And only pain transforms your soul.

The tainted taste of salt bred lies
Destroyed your hopes; revealed to die.

Life Remade

From falsity and hardened fears the grace of saving offers hope

For nothing kills the soul of light
And no one falls in endless night

Illumination finds our hole
When there's no other place to go.

No edge of irrationality
Lends our wishes a place to be.

In that graced moment we cringe and cry
And well we know the reason why.

Unadmitted to living friend
We know, and grieve illusions end

You cannot hide from what is true
No matter what you want to do.

And in that place of grace-made time
You'll have to pay for all your crimes.
That verity remains and grows:
And every tension tells you so.

In coin of pride, in gold and acts
We breathe deep, shed tears, release our fears
They scream redemption's new minted tongues
The Song of Souls who've heard truth sung.
Remake and healed our lifelong pacts
Become the stone and stuff of fact.

Because no other course remains
That give us life renewed and sane.

And because you know that Love forgives
The acts that shattered, stole, abridged
the truth of self that you denied
when first you gave yourself to lie.

Because you know, accept, regret
You also know you can elect
To rechoose, remake, resay and change
The years of life that still remain

And if you open your tear sore eyes
Love will be there to kiss them dry.

Unmade Dreams

From tendrilled thoughts that curl and take
The course of life amends and comes
In fulsome pause and winnowed wake
It writes the truth, condemns and suns.

Unseen by eyes that dare to doubt.
Unheard from lips that fear to speak
The future, place of sure redoubt
Is still the value all must seek.

From rude, relentless tellings flow
Compiling all that's light and dark
Combined to tell us what can be known
And leave us naked, revealed and stark.

Confronting what we feared to know
Because we always knew it so.

Closing Doors

The click of doors that mark the end
To patience used, again again.
Remind the lingered soul of lies
That truth demands what love denies.

The whispered sound of oiled hinge
Remands attention - and may condemn
The soul that hesitates to speak
To pain that sears the core and keep.

For love is just a tool of hate
If forgiveness comes without rebate.
Amendment, truth and justice speak
The tongues of honor, true and deep.

And Love still lingers, sighs and grieves
For raptured memories wrapped in peace.

Beautiful Words

Fill the emptiness of hearts
That misspeak the forms of what is not.
Remind of soul of life made rules
That echo forms of self renewal.

They touch the threads of thought within
Redefine the course of time
Subsume the magic halls of vanished praise
That spoke out rhythmed voice divine.

In beauty words remake our world
And longing lingers as tongue tasting curls
Subscribed by mind on velvet pearls.

Unplumbed Depths

I plumb the depths of unowned time
disowning thoughts that made you mine
Scant the rapture, great the costs
that formed the magnitudes of loss.

Empowered wonders course and keep
the idled plunders love once reaped
As fickle fates remove all doubts
that intellect can quench our droughts.

Unplumbed depths of harbored dreams
that make all Mankind proof from schemes
That sunder generations gone
from sight of life that hoped and longed.

In minds that wondered, echoed hopes
from kinds that plundered harvest's scopes
The present pause of silence comes
unending futures just begun.

This the thought that bridles, wields
the only pleasures the future yields.

To Remake Hope

Remade from what was lost and gone
Reformed in fire that burned out grief
I, the only form of thought
Remind myself and breathe in peace.

From process born, in process held
Inside the cusp of time and space
I, the only form of thought
Rethink foundations touched by grace.

In convoluted, managed course
The sides unseen release their hold
I, the only form of thought
Believe the gleam, untarnished gold.

To hope, to see, to live through lies
Saying 'No!' to wrong made greeds
I, the only form of thought
Stay true to life that makes men free

I, the only form of thought
Smile at what ideas have wrought.

Inside Moment

Inside the now of moment, the hands of age embrace
Forgotten threads unravel fate as echoed hopes devolve and make
The edged course of hallowed thought
the main stream culture acceptance wrought

Inside the now of moment, the tears of loss are dry
And only vanished memory, relieves the knowledged, Why.
The envelope of courage, that reveals what now is not
anticipates the promise that lives in new-made thought.

Inside the now of moment, the smiles, arid, cool
And passions need borne churning, retakes the course of rules.
The manuscript of the coming, contends with all that is
and graven image honing, the thought becomes what lives.

Inside the now of moment, the crystal facets sheer
Untouched by times own flowing, still leaving us more free
The fractures past is healing; the ravished souls can grieve
and human kind's left owning the air that lets them breathe.

Segmented Charms

Segmented lives that cut off hope, defining what is not to be
Segmented moments strung in time
That charms with what we'll never see.

Editing the persons life, restores some semblence of ease
But editing rips the truth of life
making moments each less free.

Constrictions in the gut of truth, cut the scope of future's course
And such restriction eats out hearts
That labor under facts divorce.

Thus the charms of what we wish
estranged from what we've made life be
Serves a polluted, tainted dish
from which the savor must be grief.

Segmented lives that lie, deceive
The one who fed on poisoned greeds.

Comment on Employment
I joust with dragons of the mind
and weave a web of rare design.
I winnow through the time torn shells
of fractured lies that kill, repell
I summon courage to move on,
I bury grief, discourse in songs.
I cradle what can never be,
enshouding what I will not see.
I live and breathe and weep for joy
because such courage is employed
And ravished by the loss of youth
I give myself the heart of truth.

Destroyed, the future can rebuild,
if falsehood's lie is forced to yield.
This, I do, inciting thought
that unrelieved still quenches drought.
This, I do, unending chore
that leaves the world alight for more.

The Sacred

From destined thought that killed out hope
removed from love and quenched in blood
The fortressed place that closed my throat
now opens to the promised flood.

The Sacred

Spilling out in furrowed runes
reformulating time and space
The echoes from those time lost tunes
refound the base that was disgrace.

The Sacred

Sated now with gifts of years and lives
restarting vanished themes denied
Alive with wit that sees through lies
We move within the truth of tides

The Sacred

Here, in place of heart songs joy
The Sacred Point of Light deploys.

Vanished Dreams

From eyes that smiled through my soul
divining all that in me moved
I pledged the richness of my goals
giving life that love be proved.

A vanished dream

From warmth enclosing breath and hope
I prayed the always place in time
Thinking, here, was all the scope
that soul and thought, when linked, can find

A vanished dream

Stricken, lost, abused and crushed
I died within the folds of fraud
Ruptured by his needs and lusts
I, renewed, found eyes that saw.

A vanished dream, renewed and won
From minds that rend, consume and take
Singled course just now begun
that carry me past the storms to wake

A vanished dream, reminded life
That cleanses me of soul borne strife.


They feed on minds, that sunk in greeds
remake the course of life bred needs
They fester, suck, consume, extend
their grasp on shadows just to win.


Remaking truth and bending thoughts
rejecting what their lives have wrought
Their appetites for what’s not theirs
Distorts our lives and breeds despair.


We meet them every day in trust
and cheek and jowl, we feed their lusts
Because we fail to pierce facades
that hide the face that negates Gods.


Maws of hungers, feeding sharks
afraid of life and death's true marks
Among us demons live their lives
in ordinary, day worn guise


Look deep, remember, words and acts
to see the demons through living facts.

Questions Posed

Circumference of unspoken thoughts,
unmeasured voice of futured dreams
This, the vision we have lost
consumed by greeds that take and scheme.

Questions take us to the void
where echoes of the past remain
Questions ask what truth deploys
and draw us back to what is sane.

I posed the question, formed the thoughts
that teemed with tidings of Man's needs
And summoned thus the forces caught
within the mind of patterned seeds

I asked the questions time has forged
devised agendas fraught with toil
But all there written was employed
by unexpected, unseen coils.

I posed the questions, aching, small
I saw the limits of my mind
I tasted death and bitter gall
subsumed within the breadth of time.

I posed the questions, bowed my head
And listened with the peace of dread.

Time's Vessel

Through coiled thoughts that pulse with life;
the echoed origins of space
In dendrilled manner writ most fine
the whispered course refined and traced.

The vessel of unmentioned suns
confines the tiny scope we touch
A journey long as time begun
a blink of thought turned into dust.

Time's Vessel

Enclosed in flesh but living whole
The we in I becomes our goal.

No. 112 To Brent
When light remembers love’s first thought
And echoes cling to what is real
You taste of edge of pang drenched drought
And enter into times that heal.

Unconsidered and unconscious of the pulsing core of life
The aching needs stripped bare of creeds,
Restore the warmth of light
Love, the balm and bastioned home of human dreams
Remains the source of all life means

Bask in hours, own those thoughts
That unreflected make us Not.

Well Owned Thoughts

As breath reminds me life is short
I taste the commentated drone
Cacophony of welcomed hopes
Sing durges written while alone.

Shadows own my living days
While light speaks lightning bolts through mind
Discoursing with the past-bred hopes
That emptied cradles and bought death’s kinds

I smell the stench of death unbound
I wake to touch the end of time
Embracing such by my design
A lover beckons and reclines.

I live.

Ungladdened by continued needs
I watch the world that cried and breeds.

Unmentioned yesterdays remind
That life is short and never kind.

Sweet Taste of Touch

Sweet taste of unrequited touch
that steals my peace and lights my eyes
This day remembers sighs of lust
as untolled sunsets light just one sky.

Another day of restless times
spent richly on another's dreams
Reminds us each that life still binds
two kindred thoughts in wish made themes.

Wrapped in falls of finite nights
a soul bleeds red and knows its days
Limit all of life's delights
and inner peace, alone, still frays.

So messaged greetings course through space.
And fingers still ache for Love's least trace.

For Brent from Melinda
Valentines Day, 2000


In mind borne flight across the void the luminescence trills and keens
Recalling half forgotten sights
That fray the senses, and lend me grief.

Bouyed by airs of surried weavings ranging from cave to neoned dreams
I touch on just those spare delights
Combined in time for moments easing

Flights of mind and flights of thought
Flights that nurture spare redoubts
Flights empowered that remove
The fragiled needs that scream and shout.


In mind and mottled, shadowed gleenings
I lift off Earth and touch through time
Hankering after visions, needings
I recreate the truth of doubts.


In fancied, follied, ode writ tome
I sip ambrosaed hints divine.
Rapted in folded harmonies
I slip between the leaves of time.


Light reveals, distills and makes
Source of life and gives and takes
In Earth borne haven, wrot by time
We, Earth's Children own our crimes

Own the rapture and the grief
Touch the follies; incite belief
Weave the gentle with the steel
forged from all that life makes real

Earth born children, born of light
Given mind from which comes sight.

Life is long and full of leavings
Losings; filling eyes and heart with gentle grievings

No whys remake Time's truth or mask our spare believings
For life is full of makings; future weavings.

Unseen in full borne time
The mask of need remanders human epochs
Rejects the course drawn straight and clear
and writes the life - sublime.


Hands that meet,
caressing touches that awake
Forgotten needs that seed the fragile soul
And resonate.

Manifold the nuanced thoughts
Which linger on the skin
Unbound echoes from the shadows
From a past grown harsh and thin.


Symphony of hand borne sense
That tarries in the fingers
Skin-close and most intense.


Exemplifying life’s fabric, woven thought
That speaks in schemes.
The taste and scent of passion
Takes form in wake of dreams.


A singular remove from lusting
Lighting eyes and mind
That light is also heat and joy
In fingers bindings.


Skin and thought
Soul heavy drought
Eternal yes replaces doubt.


Unbounded life that eddies, swirls and winnows;
bound through time and space
The possible still trembles as it closes on divine.

Lives touch and caught in momentary grace
defining what will be and what is not of human place.

Lives that linger in the need to love and hold
Lives poured onward into future lives deployed.

The spirit sojourns, place and face employed
Lending elements of fierce belonging to their joys.

Breath intaken and released
The soul in flight finds light in edged peace.

This, the transubstantiated unalloyed
Remaking universal truths back into toys.

The Taste of Words

Punctuated fragments that conceal, reveal and teem
Idylled intellect defined by time that seethes with human goals
Both mind and biologically inclined.


Threads of cognate beauty that employ their nuanced tones
That echo satisfactions, anguished losses and life worn close to bone.
Tiny alphabetic seeds that harbor thought born majesty


I run them through my head, the tongue of mind that savors, tastes
And shivers, aches for all that speaks and yet is not quite said.
Gleam of golden melodies entwined in sharp relief


The building blocks of human history yet to become dreams
I satiate my appetite with wishes intimated, reached, but not quite seen.
And rapture effervesces, coalesces and redeems.


Feast of human summing that recalls forgotten worlds
Inherent unbecomings that unused, remains most real.


Song of Steel and Light

Rising from old Earth and shadowed human acts undone
Piercing time
With dreams made into steel
Fulcrum of an age respun
Chaste reminder that all acts are not yet done

Song of steel and light
That breaks the sky and pierces night

Needled majesty that speaks of weavings
Labor, thoughts that throw off grievings

Arch reminder; pause in human thrust through space
You fascinate, reprove and escalate
The tones progressing into time

Act of Human Holding on the Earth
You speak in steel and light
Reminding us of unseen heights
In mind held dreams
You, woven threads of our invention
Shining steel of time’s intention
Remind the eyes of mind
Of the direction most divine.

Held in Body Harbored Dreams

In shadowed mists inside my mind
I dreamed of arms that held me safe from unseen shapes
and threatened acts that seared and killed;
rended hope and scored the scope of all I held to be divine.

And life did not redeem by acts
The shadowed mists were true to facts.

Distorted, raped and battered, destroyed by unseen hands
My weavings interrupted and my life’s pulse stolen, maimed.

I abandoned thoughts; that harbored place.
Where two were one within embrace.

I watched it die.
And shrugged because the dream had lied.

Bitter breath that stills all hope in battle tarnished death.

I found thin sustenance, a gruelled life
Dedicated thought that bore the hope of visioned future for other lives
time brought.

And peace.
That unnecessitated hope needs no outlet left to grieve.

I forgot to hope.
And arms found untried scope for skin borne needings.

Celebrated symphony of skin make meetings
Touchings that awake, reward and end the inward keenings.

That birth a new fledged truth with untried meanings
Reward and rapture that reminds, and binds, and sunders all my grievings.

Skin that drinks in touch

My skin relives the bare remembrance of touch
Oh, needed breath
that staves off death
Reproves my doubts and
Moves the route of time.

Echoes that recede through shadowed hopes to border on the true divine
A memory that steals through unthought passage
To redefine the most prosaic adage

My skin drinks him.
Hands remember other facets of a past now lost in eon echoed silence
The Ninevah of passioned climates that, unmentioned, still defines.

And skin.

That organed place of memory that leafs through fragmentary grace
To sanction all the cullings. drawn from elemental comings
In unreflected folds, each monumental
from the unheard chords of space.

Barren Thought

Acid grievings cry amends to time lost weavings
Fractured echoes that subside
In frayed and still born memories that still abide.

The stuff of dreams
Lost in circumvented plans that failed to be redeemed.
From that place of wandered wishes, closely held with hints of steam

Barren thoughts
Reproving what is not to be
In nods to hopes reborn in trust
An endless scene of circumvented majesty.

Punctuated Truth

In pricked reminders trapped in hopes and dreams
The magnitudes of unfound thoughts redeem
The folds of spare made truths
Transforming wishes into raddled schemes.

Familiar Pain

Illusions winnow time to shallowed slips of lifeless days
Lost in schemes of gaunt dismay. More real than skin or hope.
The bones of scarse belief that fracture what we can’t evade.
Illusions lie their way into a core of futured thought
Denying what can never be and what therefore is not.

Pain that digs and dies with rosy glints of morning light
Embracing echoes of delight.
That evades my grasp and tickles through the mention of untasted nights.
Admitting no remaindering of gain.
And finding no surcease of that couch owned friend of deaths delay.

Pain that eats the best of me and grants only delay.

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